The Self-Funded Model

Rhode Island Interactive unique business model allows agencies to offer eGovernment services without using upfront taxpayer funds. Operating under a self-funded model, Rhode Island Interactive, its infrastructure, merchant fees, employees, office space and equipment are fully funded through the enhanced access fees. State services that do not have a fee are typically offered at no cost to businesses and citizens or developed under a fixed-rate agreement as outlined below.

The core of the self-funded model’s success is the win-win-win environment it creates. Rhode Island benefits through increased efficiency and cost savings. Businesses and Citizens benefits from the convenience of conducting business online, as well as the availability of no-fee services. And our organization has a strong financial incentive to create useful services that generate sufficient revenues to cover our costs and to continue to invest in the state’s overall e-government program.

Benefits to the Self-Funded Model:

Rapid Application Development

Rhode Island Interactive does not receive any revenue until your service has been successfully launched and made available to constituents.

Applications that Work

Once again, if an application fails to properly serve the underlying business requirements the requirements it was designed to meet it will not generate the revenue to offset the significant investment RII has committed to the project. The self-funded model requires Rhode Island Interactive to be 100% vested in the success of our services.

No Change Orders

In the field of technology, most change orders stem from a delta between outlined requirements and actual needs. Under our self-funded model, we commit to maintaining your services long-term at no cost (and that includes change orders). For that reason, we go above and beyond to get it right the first time – after all, it’s in our best interest that your application performs as planned. When changes are required we stand ready to make them as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the continued successful operation of your service.


With the great flexibility of our master agreement comes a significant obligation for transparency. Each month, Rhode Island Interactive must document and report all revenue received from each of our engagements along with our gross expenses. This transparency allows our governing authorities to understand the overall financial health of our operation to better guide how our resources are expended.

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