Our master agreement is held by the Department of Administration and has been traditionally put to competitive bid every five years. Agencies working with RII are required to execute a Sublevel Service Agreement and each project requires a scope of work and for revenue generating services, a fee schedule.

All projects require sign-off from the agency requesting the service, the Director of the Department of Administration and the President of Rhode Island Interactive.

The Director of Administration appoints a “Portal Review Committee” (PRC) to oversee the day to day operation of our company. RII staff meet monthly with the PRC to review the status of our ongoing projects, new project requests and our current levels of funding. Additionally, RII submits a monthly report to the PRC documenting our development activity, revenues and gross expenses.

Our master contract also mandates RII to submit to a variety of security reviews, financial audits, and insurance obligations designed to protect the state and the citizens that use our services.

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