No Lengthy RFP Process

As long as the required project fits within the overall goals of online services, website design or payment processing there is no need to release a Request for Proposal. Our competitively bid contract is broad based and allows us to engage with most RI state agencies, commissions, quasi entities and municipalities. Your agency will sign an already established agreement, then we work directly with you on all aspects of system development and/or website creation developing a scope of work that can be approved through our oversight process.

We Will Save You and RI Taxpayers Money

Most of our services are implemented and designed at no cost to the state, your agency or Rhode Island taxpayers. We can do this because of our unique Self Funded Model. Moreover, our innovative eGoverment Services are designed to make your agency more efficient. A recent survey by the University of Utah estimated that the average online transaction equated to $13 in agency cost avoidance. When transaction fees are not feasible we can still offer fixed priced services far below market rates thanks to the offsetting revenues of the many services we have already implemented.

We Manage and Maintain Our Own Infrastructure

When we work in partnership we maintain the infrastructure, security scanning, operating systems, hardware and in almost all cases software licenses. You don’t have to worry about (or pay for) anything.

We Will Save You Time

Our partnership assists your efforts to streamline your processes and maximize efficiency. Therefore, your agency can spend more time on productive work and less time dealing with paper filings or data entry.

Our Success Is Your Success

Using our Self Funded Model, it’s in our best interest to encourage high adoption and get citizens and businesses to use your services. This serves as a built-in incentive to market our own services on your behalf and develop them rapidly. Our success is dependent on your success… and we’ll do everything it takes to make sure we are the best partner you’ve ever had.

We Support Your Customers

Rhode Island Interactive provides ongoing customer service for all of the services we develop for the life of the project. We provide our own customer service, during normal business hours Monday – Friday. Our experienced customer service staff staff handle phone and emails for all of the services we host and maintain as well as providing technical support and answering billing questions

We Don’t Do “Change Order” Fees

Rhode Island Interactive knows a lot about the fluid nature of RI rules and regulations. When you engage with RII under our self-funded model, we commit to maintaining your services long-term and understand that commitment will mean changes. We won’t issue you a change order when you need to alter your services to meet new laws or regulations – those changes are already supported thanks to the innovative nature of our self-funded model.

Happier Citizens and Businesses!

Constituents are happier when they conduct their business with the government online from anywhere via mobile, online or live chat from the comfort of their own home. No more driving into the city, paying for parking, waiting in long lines, driving back and missing work or family business. It’s a win – win for everyone.

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