E-Government Applications

Chances are, you already know our work.

If you have renewed your registration online, filed a corporate document, viewed your paystub as a state employee, checked official election results, purchased a saltwater fishing license, or visited the RI.gov state portal – you’ve benefited from a Rhode Island Interactive service.

With a portfolio of over 100 online services, RII has worked with dozens of Rhode Island departments, agencies, offices, commissions and municipalities. Out single focus is to improve eGovernment in the Ocean Sate to make it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with government and make government overall more efficient.

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Did you know?

A recent study done by the University of Utah compared the actual per-transaction cost of fulfilling government related tasks online vs. offline. The study found that the average expense incurred by the state for an offline transaction was $17. The average cost to the state of that same transaction done online was $4 – a cost avoidance of $13 per transaction.

Effective eGovernment means more efficient government saving taxpayers time and money.

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